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Praise and Criticism of the Presence of Samsung Galaxy S III Mini PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 15 October 2012 09:43

Galaxy S III MiniSamsung Unmasked Galaxy S III Mini. Android Handset that carries the name of the Galaxy S is getting praise as well as criticism.

Much criticism leads to specifications that do not fit expectations. But praise is also posted to several reasons.

Following the praise and criticism that characterizes the appearance of Galaxy S III Mini are quoted from various sources.

Although the Galaxy S III Mini use the same name as his brother, the Galaxy S III, has the same external design and the run TouchWiz UI on the Android Jelly Bean operating system, both of these phones are disappointing because they have little in common in them.

S III has two variants, the international version with a Samsung Exynos quad-core processors and the U.S. version with a 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU. Both are very fast and offer the best performance. S III Mini is downgraded to 1GHz dual core processor.

Galaxy S III Mini 1

Even the name of the Mini feels like a mistake. Yes, the S III Mini is smaller than S III standard, but 4 inch phone is not a tiny device.

S III Mini comes like a wily trickster who failed to match the brand name that has excellence Galaxy S, Samsung built painstakingly.

Galaxy S III is one of the best phones that you can buy. The phone is fast, gorgeous and has a range of capabilities where other phones can only dream of.

Though, this phone uses the most respected Android clan in addition to Nexus. It comes from a company that has consistently had the resources to fight Apple.

Galaxy S III Mini is not supposed to be like this. No one to impress us. Do we put the limit too high? Maybe so.

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is not powerful like flaghsip phones, but Samsung says the device could be the optimal choice for consumers looking for a smartphone that is more practical.

Although Samsung expects the new device to help them better compete with Apple, but it seems not much change in the U.S. market without 4G LTE capabilities. And the chip in the Mini is dual core. And the camera is only 5 megapixels.

Where the Galaxy S III Mini can shine is in emerging markets, a key area of growth of smartphones. And also can be a powerful device for prepaid carriers.

Galaxy S III Mini 2

This phone can also be a strong rival against older iPhone model, where Apple still sold through operators at discount prices.

Samsung reveals Galaxy S III Mini, a lower version of the bigger brother in terms of specs and screen size.

Our brief time with the phone button reveals all the same as in the Galaxy S III, with the same shape as well.

Marketing of Samsung Germany said the company's research found that users want a phone with the same design as the Galaxy S III 4.8 inch, but with a smaller form factor. Samsung claims that they did not want the most powerful phones.

It still needs to be awaited whether the specification of S III Mini will weaken the brand Galaxy S, but we found the phone does not fill as its brother, and convenient form on original phone feels better in miniature.


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