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ASUS ROG G55V Review: New and Fast PDF Print E-mail
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Computers - Laptops/Notebooks and Accessories
Thursday, 18 October 2012 09:51

ASUS ROG G55VThe all-new and superior components make this product as the most desirable laptop for gamers.

For those who simply use a laptop for work, may not be interested in this product. Because the Rog variant this time is more appealing to gamers.

Gamers usually require the specification above average with price is also rather remarkable. Such was the case in this type ROG G55V that had we tried this time.

The figure of the ROG G55 reminds us of the G53 or G74 series that had also been stopped in our test lab. Laptops that have a larger body accurately described as a desktop replacement (replacement PC) have a strong design lines.

With a weight of more than 3 kg, the laptop has a 15.5 " screen is quite heavy to be moved. G55V appeared in the regular screen and the screen version with 3D visuals (plus glasses) with the difference in both prices reached U.S. $ 300.

In G55V has been used Intel Ivy Bridge actually quite on par with Sandy Bridge, with a more efficient power consumption. So it appears that the G55V is a new generation of ROG. These include the use of Intel HD 4000 graphics chip with a GeForce GTX660M. This chip may be a little bit faster from the previous model. After that, everything is still similar to the previous version as storage medium that is composed of the hard drive and SSD. The goal is to present the performance of read-write that is more hurried.

Unlike its predecessor, G55V is cooler and not noisy. This is done by changing the structure of the waste heat in the back. The back has now made wider with a bigger fan, but subtle. Our experiments proved that the use of the notebook for a long time will not make the temperature rise.

As a gaming notebook for the class, of course, there must be complete connectivity. Now G55V make all the USB ports to USB 3.0. The goal is that users do not need to find which ports are version 2 and version 3.

The combination of high specification make this product has excellent performance. However, with prices in the range of 2,000 dollars, of course, only the gamers who have enough money that can have this product.

Test Results

Actually G55V has specifications similar to the previous ROG versions. However, as it enters the second half of the benchmarks we use the new version, a new test data can not be compared with the old model test. At least here shows that ROG G55V has many advantages in various segments of the test thanks to Ivy Bridge CPU utilization that can optimize bandwidth.


Asus ROG G74S
(Intel Core i7-2630QM 2.6 GHz, memory of 16 GB DDR3-1333, VGA Intel HD + Nvidia GTX560M, 74 Wh battery, 17.3 ")

ROG Asus G55V
(Intel Core i7-3720QM 2.6 GHz Memory 6 GB DDR3-1333, VGA Intel HD + nVidia GTX660M, 74 Wh battery, 15.6 ")

Sysmark 2012 v1.0.1.54


PCMark 7 Pro v1.0.4


3DMark 11 Pro v1.0.2.0


Cinebench R11.5



Video Encoding

11 minutes 38 hours

Audio Encoding

1 minute 18 seconds

1 minutes 9 hours

Battery Life

Playing HD Video

1 hour 21 minutes

Battery Eater

2 hours 24 minutes



Intel Core i7-3720QM (Quad-Core 2,6 GHz, 6 MB Smart Cache)


6 GB, DDR3 PC3-12800


Intel HM77 Express

Graphics Card

Intel HD 4000 + GeForce GTX660M 2GB

Hard Drive

1 TB HDD + 128 GB SSD

Optical drive

Blu-Ray DVD Combo


WiFi b / g / n, LAN, card reader, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 (4), HDMI, VGAout, mini DispayPort (Thunderbolt), HD Webcam, 3D glasses


15,6” 3D LED

Sound card


Operating System

Windows 7 Professional 64bit


8 Cells 5200 mAh


38,3x29,8x(3,2-5,8) cm


3 kg


2 years



U.S. $ 1829 and U.S. $ 2129 (3D screen version)


Big hole
With grill layout that is wider and larger fan, this temperatures product will be lower but remain silent.


Mini Display Port that is close to HDMI port is a new port called Thunderbolt. The technology was developed by Intel and Apple offers higher data speeds from USB.

Plus: complete connectivity; higher performance; no heat and no noise; Nvidia 3D glasses as a bonus.

Minus: heavy weight, the price is high.


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